Global factory 365 helped me to find customer in USA for automotive valves, their service is excellent. I wish them all the best.
- Helena: Seller (China)
GF365 thanks for giving me supplier at no cost for Control panels, the samples have arrived and I am happy to approve them.
- Sanchit-Buyer India- Bus airconditioner
GF365 are my good friend, I have customer in India because of there support.
- Kason- seller- Cabin Air filters-China
GF365 is good to prommote products in India and worldwide, they generate leads for my business, perfect combination.
- Cindy- Seller- Patch cords- China
GF365 supported me on my requirements of Solar toughened glass and also advised me on packaging importance. Thanks team.
- Akhil- Buyer- Solar Glass India
GF365 team is good and helped to find special alloy 5052 aluminum plates for my railway customer they are qualified team, good luck.
- Harjeet: Buyer, Railway components - India
GF365,I found good data of suppliers from China, I have sourced PVC sheet in special thickness which was not available with my suppliers, I found GF work is different from other, handpicked suppliers as they claim are good.
- George: Buyer - USA
I found copper tubes suppliers from GF365, the supplier is good and can support on all the sizes and diamteres needed by me, the service is fast.
- Gajraj: Buyer - India
365 provided me very good data base of Solar panel manufacturers the supplier are validated and quality oriented, it saved me lot of time to travel and see the suppliers personally
- Ramnathan: Buyer
GF365 post helped me to find me customer for multiport aluminium tubes, the platform is excellent.
- Jason: Seller

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