GF365 helps buyers or costumers to source every kind of product in all categories of industries in a shorter time we have qualified sellers with us who we can match immediately with the buyer requirement. The process is highly easy & quick. In case we can't match from internal data of sellers or suppliers, we can customize the solution at earliest with 72 hours feedback making the sourcing process shorten & prompt.

Our customers from varied background have sourced metals, electronics, industrial products, construction materials, chemicals, Aerospace materials, rolling Stock Materials, Renewable, retail products and mining & metals.

The process is free for buyers but on customized requirements we charge as low as 75$ per RFQ on detailed submission of specifications & drawings.

Our benefits are:

  • We are prompt & reply you with solution within 3 working days.
  • Small fees on customized RFQs with no hidden charges.
  • Global Sourcing with low cost base in China & out of China in Eastern Europe, Asian economies like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam.
  • Low cost back office procurement consulting is available for larger programs.

The buyers or customers can simply post by clicking here 

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Verified Suppliers

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Global Supplier Database

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