Submitting your buying requirements with Global Factory 365 is very simple and easy. Please follow the easy and simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1.

To submit your buying requirement RFQ on as buyer, click on "Buy / Sell With Us" button on home page of this website, as shown in the image and follow Step 2 below.

Step 2.

In the 'New RFQ Form', fill the 'RFQ Information' which is mandatory in order to make your requirement reach to right seller on our platform.

NOTE: Kindly select the correct Product Category & Sub-category so that RFQ reaches to right category of open requirements and to the right sellers who can provide you with best quotes.

Step 3.

In this step, fill all your company details in respective boxes as shown in the image.

NOTE: All these company details are required so that Sellers can reach you easily with best quotations through our platform.

Step 4.

This is the final step. Fill the Captcha text, as shown on your screen and submit your requirement details to get the quotations.

After successfully submitting your requirement details, you need to wait for some time before our potentials sellers can reach you with best quotes for your requirement. During that time period Global Factory 365 Support Team will review & may contact you to verify your company details and buying requirements in detail further, along with our safe buying procedures.


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